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Creative Arts Therapy, PLLC 

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Mental Health & Wellness Services 

Welcome! If you live in New York and are searching for a therapist, Thrive has a team of Creative Arts Therapists that specialize in a range of areas including anxiety, depression, relationship and family issues, and support for special needs children and their parents. Your free consultation will help us to get a better idea of your concerns and make sure we find a therapist that is the best match for you, so you can start to feel better and live a life that is thriving.


Our clinicians are conducting therapy sessions online for residents of

New York via a HIPAA secure, confidential, video platform.  We will help you to easily get set up and will always provide the same quality of care and attention.    


About Therapy 

Creative Arts Therapy, Counseling, Psychotherapy & Wellness Support 

We want you,

your family,

your career,

your relationships,

our communities,

to THRIVE.  


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What if I don't want to make art? I just want to talk? 

Your therapy sessions will be custom to your individual needs. Our consultation sessions can get a better idea of what you are currently going through, what style of therapy may be most helpful, and where is the best place to start.  


If art therapy is something you are interested in trying, then you are also in the right hands.  We will send you a complimentary art kit to help you to get started in exploring more about  your strengths, your pains, and your authentic self.  

What if I want to use my insurance to pay for sessions? 

We offer a concierge billing service where we will submit in-network and out-of-network claims as a courtesy for you, once we verify your coverage.  While it is not guaranteed that insurance will cover the entire fee, it is most common to be reimbursed so that consistent, weekly therapy is affordable and allows you to make the commitment needed for wellness.  

"The best way to predict your to create it."

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