Answering a Real-World Need for Creative Healing

At Thrive Creative Arts, we use the transformative power of creativity to ignite growth and inspire healing. By weaving various modes of artistic expression such as visual art, drama, and energy work with traditional talk therapy, we are able to lead clients to insights and breakthroughs that are difficult to reach through words alone.

Our founder, Stephanie Kemmer, started Thrive Creative Arts Therapy to foster the kind of therapeutic, creative expression that opens the door to self-discovery and healing. After a career spanning many different clinical settings – including psychiatric centers, schools, and private practices – Stephanie was ready to take a leap and create something of her own. So in August of 2021, she followed her heart, and we officially opened our doors.

Since then, we've developed a remarkable team of therapists and counselors who fully embrace the process-based nature of the arts. Our clinicians work closely with you and (if needed) your family, providing guidance and support to help you uncover your true self and mindfully create your best life. If you're ready to live a life with healthier boundaries, less fear and shame, and stronger relationships, we're here to help you thrive.

Who We Work With

Overcoming Life's Challenges Together 

Life's twists and turns can bring up feelings of depression and anxiety. Depending on who you are this can look like a career shift, changes at school, strained relationship dynamics, or familial challenges. Our therapists use their expertise in art, drama, and reiki to customize sessions—helping individuals, couples, families, and children overcome life’s rough patches.

We provide a range of sessions tailored to meet different client needs:

Individual Psychotherapy

(45-minute sessions)

Parent Coaching

(45-minute sessions)

Art, Drama, Counseling, & Trauma-focused Couples & Family Therapy

(60-minute sessions)


(30, 45, 60 & 60-minute sessions)

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Our Approach

A Client-Centered Process

A core aspect of art therapy is valuing the process. Engaging in creative activity taps into the emotional and memory-rich right side of your brain – opening up unexplored parts of your psyche for growth and healing. In order to give you the support necessary for this deeply personal work, we take a flexible, client-centered approach. This means offering in-person and virtual sessions, as well as a variety of collective services like group therapy, workshops, and community-led initiatives. We also take great care to pair you with the appropriate clinician based on your (or your dependent’s) individual situation.

Discover our Therapy Services

We provide specializations in:

Talk therapy

Art therapy
Drama therapy
Trauma Focused Therapy
Couples & Family Therapy (Gottman Method)
Parenting Issues
Child & Adolescent Behavioral Issues
Identity issues
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Our People

Dedicated Therapists, Transformative Care

Our therapists are dedicated to the transformative power of creativity because they know that art therapy dives deep, addressing core issues that talk therapy struggles to get to alone.

Our therapists are driven by a genuine passion for therapeutic work and have a blend of traditional university education and specialized training in art therapy. They seamlessly blend conventional therapeutic techniques with the expressive potential of creative arts, building a comprehensive path to healing for their clients.

What sets us apart is our holistic approach to healing and growth through creative expression.

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